BSP shows no voluntary contributions in 2018-19 audit report filed with EC


NEW DELHI: BSP has not declared any voluntary contributions in its annual audit report for 2018-19 filed with the Election Commission, while putting its total receipts at Rs 69.79 crore and expenditure at 48.87 crore during the year.
The BSP’s receipts in 2018-19 were 35% higher than Rs 51.69-crore income it declared in 2017-18, while its expenditure was up 230% from Rs 14.78 crore in 2017-18.
As per BSP’s annual audit statement for 2018-19, its receipts totalling Rs 69.79 crore included Rs 30.92 crore in fees and subscriptions and Rs 38.87 crore as ‘other income’ (bank interest). In 2017-18, the party’s income from fees and subscriptions stood at Rs 8.73 crore, from voluntary contributions at Rs 10.68 crore and ‘other income’, largely bank interest, at Rs 32.28 crore.
While nil voluntary contributions were cited by BSP in 2018-19, it had reaped a rich harvest from individual donors — with not a single contribution in excess of Rs 20,000 — in 2016-17 and 2014-15, when it declared voluntary contributions worth Rs 75.26 crore and Rs 92.8 crore respectively. Interestingly, the BSP had not declared any donations in 2015-16 either.
CPM, in its latest annual audit report with EC, has declared a total expenditure of Rs 76.15 crore and income worth Rs 100.96 crore in 2018-19, down from Rs 83.48 crore expenditure and Rs 104.85 crore receipts shown in 2017-18. The Left party’s income for 2018-19 covered fees and subscriptions (Rs 39.60 crore), contributions (Rs 37.23 crore) earnings from issue of coupons/publications (Rs 98.75 lakh) and other income including bank interest (Rs 23.14 crore).
As reported earlier by TOI, the total expenditure of Trinamool Congress as per its annual audit report for 2018-19 was Rs 11.5 crore and income, Rs 192.66 crore. Its total contributions for the said year were Rs 141.54 crore, of which Rs 44.2 crore came from voluntary contributions and Rs 97.28 crore from electoral bonds.
The annual audit report of the remaining national parties — BJP, Congress, CPM and NCP — are not available yet on the EC website


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