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18 minutes after 5 AM it’s the early edition of WWL first news on this the fourteenth. Of march well 2017. This one of those racing through just like February. And it’s hump day. Chances you are right federal coordinator. And you know hop up. First hump after the time change man they do get those juices flow on the adrenaline pump and so wherever you are whatever you do then. Needed chance to do them just to get back to normal. Can you imagine a situation in which. You have a job that you love. You wanna continue to do that job. Now but other employers are offering you more money become more for them. And you say no thank you. My take less money to stay where I am a true. That’s would just haven’t deliveries yup absolutely. In an exclusive interview here and every WL last night Drew Brees told sports talk that. He was offered more money to go play for the saints are a lot more money. I’m not just a little bit. Instead he took a 27 million dollar guarantee. To play one more year in new war why. Because. He says and that he feels like they can win a Super Bowl here he wants to be here. And so he was Welling. To allow that seemed to have more money they use. To continue to build weapons around him on offense and defense. So he essentially. So I’ll take less money now so we can get there to the big show he wants to win a championship. And I’m just wondering if you apply that to other people and other job Al via does that make sense to you and does that make sense and that’s what Drew Brees to. I’ll think a lot of ingredients going news you know your family. The town you live in. You know I mean it’s there’s a long live. Sasaki after consider. You know yards actually when he retired talking about how he never considered going anywhere else. Nat necessarily what he had told the team so he tried to negotiate for more money like a different situation he’s in a different category in terms of income. And when you look at the bigger picture you got to imagine Drew Brees has on him. All we now he’s not hurt at all he’s been Macon include. Salary for a long time. He has a lot of other business ventures now he is situated himself very well and he has been an elite quarterback in this league. So he gets paid very well but he could’ve gotten paid more so I’m just curious folks is it makes sense TU. What Drew Brees did and if you’re in his situation in your current. Not as an elite NFL quarterback but what you do where you war exactly. Now would Jew. Take a less. Lesser salary got to stay your current job if other. Companies are offering you more money. You have to move that was a factor like to Minnesota. How fast I thought I hot hot hot ninety David attacks in less than twenty minutes is more prisoners here on WW well sex mandate 7870. The viewer Drew Brees is choose would you do what he did and if you’re in your own shoes and a similar situation which you do what he did let’s talk about it. Would you take less money to stay where you are now if you could make more going elsewhere. They in my opinion on it and mind. Story that relates coming up a little bit later here at WW. Oil. One person text and 7870 says. His jury’s decision makes sense in other people’s contacts yes and no. Quality of life is important but it’s kind of hard do you equate giving up 35 million per year in favor of 27 million per year. When you’re making 40000. Per year I know I understand that is a totally different discussion. But what are we were duck and thousands what is your currently offered 27000. To stay your current employer. And somebody else offers you 35000. Do you think you would say now I’d rather stay here because I like it here and I don’t wanna move my family. Are would you say. Really need to make more money to breeze while we’re talking about his situation which is astronomically different but. He decided to stake as he thinks he can have more success here your forecast. If you like yesterday’s weather you’ll like today is well plenty of sunshine it stays cool to give that jacket sweater with you with a high around 66. But look again tonight will be another cold what low temperatures on the North Shore in the mid thirties with some frost you to protect his play its once again in south of lake into the mid forties. On Thursday mostly sunny going to be a milder day with a high around seventy to be ready for debris out the rain gear on Fridays it was 62% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. The storms could be on the strong side as the upper level wave moves across the area with high temperatures in the mid seventies. Front of what forecast center and WW LTV meteorologist Dave DOS. Call it a little north when it’s six it’s 51 degrees at the airport encounter much Gorham and our share where we could have some frost because it’s calm winds clear skies 37. Degrees one present act mandates 7870 about Drew Brees taking. Essentially a big pay cut to stay in New Orleans. It depends on what you’re goalie as my goal is to become financially stable Drew Brees his goal is to win a Super Bowl. Yes. Minnesota you don’t think you can won a Super Bowl there if he’d taken an offer from the vikings but every good games. Don’t think after they did last. Team goes pretty good sports guy pat they hope. Days steered. Thank you did good morning everybody Drew Brees will be back in black and gold after getting a two year deal worth fifty million dollars that was very team friendly for the saints as it includes just 27 million in guaranteed money. Drew says it was never about him cashing in on a massive payday art. Jack you were this deal was certainly not about the hide the deal as much that I could be cared about the case that I was being offered. A lot more money elsewhere. Reports indicate that at least one other team was willing to give breeze sixty million dollars to try and woo him away from New Orleans. To the saints’ top free agent targets are heading to different destinations. There’ll be no reunion with tight end Jimmy Graham he’s getting a three year contract worth roughly thirty million dollars to join Green Bay. Meanwhile Malcolm what drew the black and gold interest when he was a restricted free agent last year but no deal could be worked out with the patriots. As a restricted free agent to twenty. 28 year old who was benched in the Super Bowl for unknown reasons got a five year 61 million dollar deal with the Tennessee Titans. The pelicans minutes and 82 game slide with a 119 115 win at home over the hornet’s. Anthony Davis led this while with 31 points and fourteen rebounds but it was Jrue Holiday who took over late. While the high street Davis quality of the legs what’s true and starts with the look. They’re brother out. I called courtesy of the pelicans radio network Holliday had a 25 point night with nine assists and six boards New Orleans is in fifth place in the west with fifteen games left in the season. Well the next playmaker for relishing football’s all fans appears to be jumping dials the six foot receiver sat out. Out last season after transferring in from Texas Tech even though we didn’t play game last season. He impressed the coaches enough that he’s wearing number seven an iconic number in tiger town over the last decade. It’s a great honor and I thought my fast my focusing. These everybody can be very advice but sometimes I’m zombies. The LSU football team continues their spring practices. Today on sports talk with Bobby Baring Kristian garic Deuce McAllister joins the guys to talk saints free agency. What pieces to the black and gold meets at 48 championship caliber roster. Then LSU basketball takes you will lost yet in the NIT. Pregame coverage will start at 530 with tip off. Coming at 6 o’clock I’m Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. I 25 David Steve review on your radio surgeries. Who’s gonna make 27 million dollars guaranteed for one season in new war. And you say he was reportedly offered up to sixty million for one season sixty million guaranteed over two seasons to seasons OK now make. If he stays under this contract here and plays out two years to make fifty million year. Right in his efforts sixty million to go somewhere else. That makes sense to you that he decided to stay here. On knowing of how he feels. About the organization and where this team is right now yes. Thankfully this did not happen during that seven and nine you know three year stretch there where drew could have seen other possibilities. Maybe more attractive to him but after last year’s Ron. Again this roster seems primed for another. Big he played all brawn are he’s familiar with Sean Payton in this offense and really loves this city so like I do understand. Taking the less money because he’s in that position where he can afford to do that. So once again that the old adage that winning fixes everything it absolutely is absolutely true in this case and that having a winning season last year. And making Iran toward the Super Bowl while not quite getting there. Missing the NFC championship by one play it yet we play and then yeah was enough to convince you raise that. Hey if you want another championship and get into that elite group of quarterbacks and have more than one Super Bowl win. This is a place to do it and what’s fantastic is a guy like guard Joseph Montana. Had to go somewhere else to try and do this later on his career even Peyton Manning. And that going from the colts in Denver drew gets to stay right here and do with the saints a place he says it’s for all the all this time that he’s wanted to stay. Eight years I won’t get you back in here with more sports so I ask you do you think this was the right decision do you think he can win a Super Bowl here next year. And since this is essentially a one year deal someone text when asked me who’s the heir apparent bullet Steve answer that. If there is an answer to that coming up in about 25 minutes your forecast and Margaret text messages are next. Your forecast. Expect plenty of sunshine today it’s gonna be another quote what with a high around 66. Cleric cold again tonight to bottle up the most north the lake around 36 with some frost to protect his plans. It’s up only to be around 47. On Thursday we’ll see plenty of sunshine again but it won’t be warmer day with a high around 72. And looking ahead of Friday the first 60% chance for scattered showers and storms as a little upper level system moves through. You’re the storms could be on the strong side as high temperatures climbing to the mid seventies. For the did what forecast center I’m WW LTV meteorologist Dave Nelson bomb. 37 minutes after 5 AM it’s the early edition WWL first news on this the fourteenth of march 2018. And big news hump day. Your chance to do doll. We’re the only thing that’s so today’s date is 314. Mourners. Knew that it 314. We’ve put a point three point one for his pop kinda it is. A aficionados or at least took math that’s important from a face somber and are now tigers. Where it’s has most people when you say that think about PIE. Yes Nancy baked usually sweet treat. Darcy for. As well we like it I told you right now you can have one pots at all right now it’s hard and it can be any. To be any fruit. Naked the the time. Make him the every apply at all I’m gonna go for a year. Outpolled with karma along on top of the pie. I’ll vote. Also yeah yeah I’d better throw on the scoop. Jargon warm doctors to move it melts you know Jordan and match control also seeking go for a pepperoni pie right now you know a typical pizza pies. I’d be deposed sure. Hannah I think I’d have to if I can only have one. I have to do with pumped. Yeah boy grows and thanking pomp and closure right that would play by pepperoni sounds yet although if comment and a pizza and go on for this supreme. I want a little bit and ya know I do to always liked this super but you never go wrong with a gonna apply awful. But there it is him and accurate read it’s a spot it is who aren’t folks that predates 7870. Heath. It is high a day now and needs three point one force that’s the mathematical pilot. I don’t care I’m Hungary’s ahem toxic dump out the kind of pride. You eaten. Flown via people are taxing us today 7870. Drew raised him bile out I. He’s gonna get at least 27 million dollars under the new contract he signed with the saints to play one year. One year here in New Orleans now if the team once they can let that. Contract continue for a second year and it’ll be worth a total of about fifteen million dollars. But Drew Brees told our guys on sports talk last night point blank I could’ve made a lot more money going somewhere else you know. But he stayed this year. One person tax rebates 7870. When I asked the question would you do the same in your current job. Would you take less money this day we’re currently employed he says you’re not comparing apples apples. But his arm up time now is. If I’m making 75000. A year I’d probably move to make a 125000. Ya I believe if it wasn’t inning if I was in his position. I’d put together one held a team that is not his only source of income yet it’s a point he has a lot of other money coming in from elsewhere. Hundreds as drew will make up the difference if the sense when the symbol. And that’s power true yes I have got endorsements and everything you bet that’s as true as cementing his legacy in this state. Less money now means decades. Of adulation in the future. I have eaten a number nine at Jimmy Johns Jeff because of injury yet. Well you know the building blocks are definitely there. We were what one pass play you know firm. Don’t live on image I had exactly so yea you got everything there and now we’re gonna hopefully add to in free agency and we can be look an awful good. And a president my Follett took a job to move us back to Louisiana to make less money. But we are with family and it made us happier. Ha so Drew Brees has taken a pay cut to be happier apparently. Buses leave my current job for more money how you have any say is this job sucks big track I hate. Knows a scale matters. I take less money and stay put if money doesn’t really matter but I’m struggling the money would be a greater consideration and to reason that struggling now. You can’t compare Drew Brees says another text message today it’s 7872 the average person that works paycheck to paycheck there is no comparison. Honestly after Katrina. When we were getting a lot of national attention for our coverage of the storm here in New Orleans Mario I received offers. To go work in other states and other cities not just offer but law firm also ours I had plenty of opportunities. We we won national awards for our coverage. I would lose. On the national radar as a result of that as were several of the people who work here. And I had the opportunity to leave here to go to bigger markets make more money. Buys. There was no way. This company in this station took such good care of suggests the during an African crude and dirt. News Greenberg it was so loyal to office. And I love this station I love the people I work with I love living in new war. Yeah that’s the other thing in the family union you are now we have to do it and now. Now I’m I’m nowhere near Drew Brees and kind of money mall but I can demand a lot more money gone somewhere else and I said no. Thank you I decided to stay here because I’d love it here and honestly the station in this company have been pretty wicked to so. I get what Drew Brees is doing. I wish I had his kind of money and didn’t have to worry and India worry at all about. Mean his his children and grandchildren probably should never have to worry about money I wouldn’t think so. As much as he’s made playing football as long as the wells all the other investments he’s put into place to cement. His financial future regardless of what happens to them on the field. But to see a marching out onto the field and a different uniform tended to eat their parents out certain seeing a lot of elite quarterbacks in the past due that I’ll. Leave one city to go to another but they did that’s because they thought they had a better chance to win somewhere else. Drew Brees thinks he’s got a best chance of winning he year. Thank you Dave Ari well what you try to resolve here again in about twenty minutes was more first news on WWL. Am FM. And dies town man have you been liking the weather we’ve had lately. Do you think it’s been great ballots are we’re gonna have more of it. That’s mr. meteorologist Dave knows bombs theme songs let’s go live interactive every WL TV pinpoint forecast and it’s a happy home. Is to use had hoped to. I’ve employed. We were just talking about if you could have one high right now what what would it be David and nine. Differ he wants apple with car mall and a big scoop ice cream on top I’m go on for pumpkin with a dab of whip cream. Jordan and match control lots of pepperoni pizza guy. What Heidi you want if you could have just one tie on this pied de Cuba he’s alive. That he can now. He’s got to be just right there there’s some bad Q line. Know decades it has to be like that yellowish color a real enact Graham be like now some of some lingering greens as perfect yellow green collar otherwise it’s again. Yellow green. Lines. At that fiscal needs to be OK if you say side of Trevor ex president elect to careen. Like. Something’s wrong you have meringue on the idea whipped cream on now let him until the whip cream and apple cream on there apparently got a little dab of frost on the North Shore this and a. He went out there at the sixth and blow was this little birdies at this morning I think that tennis cut them 51 points and cold. And at 51 across the man treated the penalties at home when that is wanted to so much interest and the warmth in the late but the list. But he Chile and it will stay chilly new outs on o’clock this morning is starting to warm up. But this afternoon. Only going to be around 66. Was arrested on not getting the sanity. Yes it’s. But mr. searching for tomorrow yeah. It is now the morning Stowe coal. The C 36 or store although some spots like it’s close to that reason. The front moved through today. Were shot a cool here so we could see them LC 36 with forty sevens now. 72. Tomorrow is our amber times ten years. We brits have indeed a among our. But the jury discovers a week at the upper level wave coming one funny that’s it was about 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. During the app that would keep in mind could be strong. March whispers winners want the storms funny 74 line. And that really what went for the week in the sixties both sides wakes them much worse now. But Saturday Sunday drop of rain chance 3040%. Sunday 40% twos so rarely does policy is the raids will be watched now keep our. It’s a 60% chance that it won’t rain on the parade Saturday Sunday so highs around. All right as we operates Friday night senators today Saturday night Sunday during the day we got a block party started Thursday last and all through the weekend. And we can’t have rain that does not gonna work out well. Now I think Friday with the parades the Friday evening the rain should be tapering off by that which is good news that for the weekend again it’s not gonna be a wash out. But we will have to Dutch couple raindrops but again that we some sunshine and clouds mixed in so again not too bad is kept right. Mr. meteorologist Dave Nussbaum I’m indirect from the ten point forecasts and I hope you get yourself a piece. Of key line hi today I don’t want this next story to ruin your appetite. But you ever think about what happens after you. Flush. Where all that stuff goes. Well that a big problem in new York and New Jersey they can figure out where to put it because they ran out of places to put it to there was senate do a tiny town hall Adam’s bill Alabama. All of the waste water. Which is essentially everything you flush. Now from new York and New Jersey New York City and the nearby New Jersey was going met Adam is bill Alabama but the people there have had enough. They say it stinks. It’s a rotten stands this flies in fasting the town of and they actually finally got it stopped. Complained loudly. And strongly enough that officials said no more. And they’re turning away. New York city’s. Flushed products. Now the country out New York where aliens and their stuff. Big problem or how I mean New Jersey well. Think I’ve certainly you’re just want to send a New Jersey has begun with that is that the fact that he did today it’s Tim has become an indirect from the ten point or cats senate and a little guy wins one here for Hoechst. In adams’ fill out home Tampa they’re not taken that crap any more from New York. And I go. They hit me and that. Long German master control lobbying for his choice of pepperoni pie on this hire a day you’re not alone with that Jordan several people taxing us and 87070. Also are thinking along those lines others though say they wanna conned by crawfish by. Any things you bigs of course nights he can’t have that anymore cubic custard there’s another McKenzie is eleven or chocolate. Lemon creams from Gambino is custard time Boston cream guy. Lou that’s a close second to Miami mine ups pumpkin pie. Key lime pie content yum a lemon meringue crawfish tires from jazz fast that’s coming up homemade coconut cream pie chocolate cream pie. And another presence as what the hell’s and acted as meat but what you never had a knack edition meet Ponce. Those little half moon looked thin pastry shell I things. With meet in the middle. About a sports by. With Steve Cutler. Thank you gave good morning everybody what was there ever any doubt Drew Brees is staying with the saints he was given a new two year deal worth fifty million dollars that includes 27 million in guaranteed cash. While we could have easily commanded more money on the open free agent market. Brees wanted to remain in black and gold. They’re winning a championship is what it’s all about I feel like I’ve got a couple good years left. And I feel like we’ve got a window find it you know I think there are aren’t about. Who are hoping to bust out their old number eighty jerseys again more disappointing here that Jimmy Graham has opted to sign with the Packers the tight ends dealing Green Bay is 43 years thirty million dollars. Graham now 31 years old spent the past three seasons with the Seahawks where it was second on the team in targets in receptions last season. But pelicans were able to put into a two game losing skid by slotting the hornets won nineteen to 115 in the smoothie king center. On a lot of the river now you’re done favors that he’s capable. Order Beckel courtesy of the pelicans radio network Anthony Davis scored 31 camera shot Rondo racked up seventeen S this new world and to play at San Antonio tomorrow before starting a five game homestand. LSU baseball host south Alabama tonight in its final nonconference game before SEC play against the tigers are eleven and six in coach pulmonary says he’s like what he’s seen so far. I think we’re getting better I think the kids are getting more and more confident with each passing day we’re finding out. The guys that we think are the right guys to go west. Materials and freshman AJ latest on the mound he’ll make a second appearance of the season leaders has allowed no runs in five innings pitched with three strikeouts and one walk. And the LSU softball team is still perfect and tiger park after beating western Kentucky 73 shortstop amber Sarah jacked a three run home run and the Lady Tigers improved to nineteen and a home and are 23 and two overall. Today on sports talk with Bob Yeager and Christian Derek. Deuce McAllister will join the guys that talks saints free agency what pieces of the black and gold need for a championship caliber roster. Then LSU basketball picks on you will loft yet in the NIT. Our pregame coverage starts at 530 tip off comes at six I’m Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports. Is gallery of some in Texas today it’s 78 Celanese has Niger reason going to be here at least one more year into that wind to commit to more than Matt. Why one year and who is the heir apparent if there is one. I’ll be. One year deal basically allows the saints some flexibility and drew the option of being able to re up I guess. Again next year or the option of hey you know it’s time to move on kind of thing if he decides that he he’s he’s done playing but I think that. You know we’ve heard him say that. Drew Brees say that he has still multiple years left in him his goal is definitely getting another ring getting it done in New Orleans. As for reap a you know and an heir apparent on the line right now on the Rossi just have Cason hill who was a guy that they got off the Green Bay practice squad picked a very high at him but. Looking at the draft the saints have met with baker mayfield from Oklahoma he’s though gonna probably be gone to sue for them to take it 27 overall.

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