Bray Wyatt to Make WWE TV Return on Raw?


After being gone since August, it looks like Bray Wyatt is ready to be a player once again in WWE. He surprised us all at Starrcade, but his televised return may come on Raw.

According to PWInsider, Wyatt is backstage for Raw in Milwaukee on Monday. This doesn’t guarantee his return, but it’s a strong indicator he’ll be part of Monday’s show.

While shocked the wrestling world with an unannounced match at Starrcade over the weekend. Wyatt answered Baron Corbin’s open challenge to beat him twice—the second coming after Corbin used his interim General Manager powers to restart the match.

But before Starrcade, we hadn’t seen Wyatt since August. Back in those days, Wyatt was finishing off a fun partnership with Matt Hardy. The two have spent most of 2018 as either friends or enemies, but regardless of their relationship, they’ve put on a good show.

Before WrestleMania 34, Hardy beat Wyatt in an Ultimate Deletion match. This sent Wyatt away for a few weeks,s but he returned at WM34 to help Hardy win the Andre Th Giant Battle Royal. From there, they created a cosmic partnership that saw them become Raw Tag Team Champions. However, it became clear Hardy was wrapping up this portion of his career as he began to wrestle less and less. By August the 44-year-old Hardy was done wrestling and was already beginning a career as a backstage producer. No one has said for sure whether Hardy has wrestled his final match, but that could very well be the case.

With no partner, WWE decided to put Wyatt on the shelf. There were rumors of him getting a character face lift, perhaps with him returning as a good guy. Whispers of him rebooting the Wyatt family were also prominent, but at this point, it’s hard to forecast the future of Bry Waytt.


By going one-on-one with a heel like Corbin, that could suggest Wyatt is coming back as a babyface. His partnership with Hardy drew plenty of fanfare and WWE may want to keep the momentum rolling.

Wyatt has long been regarded as someone WWE can build around. However, he’s been victim of a few head-scratching booking decisions that made his character look weak. But with this developed persona and enchanting entrance, Wyatt will always grab attention. However, there is potential for him to be a top priority in WWE as we move forward. Even if Wyatt misses Raw on Monday, his return is imminent one,t And when he does show up, big things may be in store for Bray Wyatt

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