Bill battle plays out online, becomes top Twitter trend


NEW DELHI: CAB dominated online discourse through the day, with netizens both supporting and criticising the Bill. The day’s top trend remained #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 with nearly 1.3 lakh tweets. #IndiaRejectsCAB (39K), #IndiaWithCAB (15K) and #VoteAgainstCAB also trended during the day.
Social scientist Pratap Bhanu Mehta posted, “We can debate the past forever. But with CAB India takes a giant step to officially convert a constitutional democracy into a (sic) unconstitutional ethnocracy.”

Abhishek Singhvi @DrAMSinghvi tweeted, “Cong opposes #CAB tooth &nail in present form because its against constitution designed by the visionaries of a modern and plural society making India of Mahatma Gandhi different from our next door extremist neighbours.”

Some BJP leaders like Ram Madhav justified the Bill. “CAB is not about excluding anybody; it is about INCLUDING refugees from Pak-Af n B’desh, victims of religious persecution or fear of it. We granted them citizenship in 1951 first; doing it again now bcoz many had come in last 7 decades n living here for decades without citizenship,” he wrote.

Meghalaya governor Tathagata Roy also favoured the Bill. “Opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Bill is the height of absurdity. Can anyone deny that Pakistan subjected its Hindu and other minorities to unbelievable persecution and forced them to flee to India? The worst sufferers were my people, East Bengal Hindus!” he wrote from his verified handle @tathagata2

Co-founder and director of the Takshashila Institution Nitin Pai (@acorn) wrote, “Neither #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 nor the NRC process offer any solutions to India’s national developmental challenges. They will light a million fires and divert resources & mental bandwidth away from what’s necessary.”

CPM member Dipankar @Dipankar_cpiml wrote, “The #CitizenshipAmendmentBill is a lethal assault on the #ConstitutionofIndia. Reject it, lock, stock and barrel. Resist it tooth and nail. #SaveConstitutionSaveIndia”

Actor Ashwin Mushran, while reacting to the Bill, wrote, “I see that the India Amendment Bill has been passed.”

“Farmers’ income did not double. Ganga was not cleaned. The economy did not improve, black money did not return. There are no jobs, no safety for women. There has been no development. I had said it before, their politics is to divert attention and divide society. #CitizenshipBill It is an insult to India and to the Constitution,” wrote former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav in Hindi.

Earlier, Ramachandra Guha had tweeted on Sunday, “Introducing the Citizenship Amendment Bill now is part bigotry, part headline management; this regime is pathologically anti-Muslim, and it desperately wants to divert attention from the perilous state of the economy.”


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