Bedlam’s wild ending, and 9 eye-popping stats from Oklahoma’s shootout win


Bedlam had its highest-scoring affair last season with a 62-52 final in Oklahoma’s favor. 2018’s iteration of the series didn’t quite get there, but it tried, while also having a good ending in a 48-47 Oklahoma win.

Oklahoma was up 48-41 when Oklahoma State got the ball back with 3:29 remaining. In nine plays and 71 yards later, the Pokes were able to find the end zone to make it a 48-47 game on a fourth-and-12 doozie from Oklahoma’s 24-yard line:

Mike Gundy opted to go for two, and failed on this play:

The Sooners got the ball back with 1:02 left, and were able to milk the clock to secure the 48-47 win.

While Saturday’s game didn’t match the 2018 scoring extravaganza, the game was still an impressive one that was filled with so much offense, that your defense-loving uncle would have shaken his first at such a performance.

Because these two teams were just slangin’ the pigskin around like it was nothing, there’s a bunch of numbers we need to run through on this one.

First, some ridiculous first half numbers, because it could have made for a full game just about anywhere else.


Kyler Murray started this game off hot:

Hope you made a wish when it was 11-11.


The amount of yards that Taylor Cornelius and Kyler Murray combined for through the air in the first half. Corneilus went 16-of-26 for 304 yards and two touchdowns, while Murray went 15-of-19 for 227 yards and a touchdown. Oddly enough, you could say that Murray had “cooled down” after his perfect start.

In those, Tylan Wallace had the most impressive performance among receivers with 148 yards and a touchdown for Oklahoma State.

Basically, there was enough passing between the two teams for an entire game in 30 minutes of play.


That’s the red zone numbers combined for both teams. Oklahoma State converted on both of their first half red zone attempts, whereas Oklahoma went 4-of-4.


That’s the number of turnovers we had in the first half. Ball security + tons of offense = The Most Big 12 Football.


The amount of first half points. Oklahoma led Oklahoma State 34-28. Of course, that was just the start of this one.

In the end, the game’s numbers are just ridiculous.

The second half got off to somewhat of a murky start, but the two teams picked things back up rather quickly as you might imagine. While it didn’t meet the pace that they were at in the first half, this was still a game that lived up to its name.


The amount of total yards for the game. Last season, the two teams combined for 1,446 total yards. So this year’s game is still somehow a little bit more chill in comparison.


Combined passing yards! Murray and Cornelius kept things going, and both finished with big games, though cooled off from their hot first half starts.

Murray finished the game 21-of-29 with 349 yards and a touchdown. Cornelius finished the game 34-of-53 with 501 yards and three touchdowns. Had he gotten that 35th completion on their two-point conversion attempt, we would be talking about the Sooners being out of the Playoff.


This is some red zone success, y’all. The Pokes finished 5-of-5, and the Sooners finished 6-of-6. Scoring scoring scoring.


Oklahoma’s rushing yards. This one is particularly impressive because Oklahoma State *only* had 139 in comparison. Either way, both of these teams racked up the yards.


The time of the first turnover of the game, which came in the fourth quarter. That was rather nice ball security by both teams leading up to this point.


That’s the win streak that the Sooners are now on against the Pokes.

Until next time, y’all.

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