‘Battle of the Sexes’: 8 of the Film’s Stars and Their Real-Life Inspirations


Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation; Frank Barratt/Keystone/Getty Images

Stone portrays tennis champ Billie Jean King, who has won a total of 29 Grand Slam titles throughout her career. The film also delves into King’s personal life, including the exploration of her sexuality and her fight for equal pay among men and women.

King is the first real person Stone has portrayed and she knows that she has large shoes to fill. “It was my first time playing a real person, and that person happened to be Billie Jean King,” the actress said after the film’s Toronto Film Festival premiere, according to IndieWire.

Luckily for Stone, she was able to observe King firsthand. “No one can live up to Billie Jean King, so I knew that going in. But I sat with Billie Jean, we were able to talk about things. She was so warm and open and supportive and said instantly, ‘I will respect whatever your process is, I’m here if you want to talk, whatever you need.’”

Stone and King even hit the court together, with Stone joking that King “threw balls basically at me.” King reportedly helped Stone focus on her strengths when they practiced tennis together.

“I quickly kind of realized something I didn’t know, which was that the closer I got to her, the more I was going to fear really, really letting her down,” Stone said at Toronto. “Then I realized that none of the fear went away, so I don’t know what I was doing. Because it just stayed the same! She was incredibly reassuring.”

Source : http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/battle-sexes-8-films-stars-real-life-inspirations-1039218


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