At 28.3%, Delhi’s percentage share of crimes against women in 2017 the most across 19 cities


NEW DELHI: Delhi accounted for the highest share of 28.3% in crimes against women registered across 19 cities during 2017, as per latest crime statistics released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Monday. However, within Delhi, crimes against the fairer sex fell to 11,542 in 2017 from 13,803 in 2016 and 14,766 in 2015.
Mumbai, though ranked second in number of crimes against women, appeared better placed than Delhi with a total 5,453 such crimes registered in 2017. This accounted for 13.4% city share for Mumbai in total crimes against women.
Incidentally, the population of Delhi (75.8 lakh as per 2011 census) is less than that of Mumbai (85.2 lakh).
The share of Kolkata and Chennai in all-India crimes against women was 4.8% and 1.6% respectively.
Bengaluru had 3,565 crimes against women registered in 2017, which formed 8.7% share in total such crimes. The city saw a rise in cases from 3,412 in 2016.
Lucknow accounted for 6% (2,468 cases) of total crimes against women filed across the country, followed by Hyderabad at 5.6%, Pune at 5% and Jaipur at 4.5%.


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