Asha Parekh reacts to vilification of B’wood


Veteran actress Asha Parekh recently opened up about the vilification of Bollywood. While a lot is being said and read about the Hindi film industry, the actress feels that it will withstand this difficult phase.
Talking about the same to a news portal, Asha Parekh reportedly said that discussions and debates that are done in a dignified manner do bring positive change. However, it is sad and upsetting that it is not the case. According to her, our industry has been witness too many storms earlier and will withstand this difficult phase too.
Elaborating further she added that this phase will be a good learning lesson for Bollywood. She believes that it will be good for the industry if all the rubbish goes away. She also added that there is not so much bad in the industry as is being portrayed right now.
While many celebrities have resumed work in the new normal, the veteran actress wants to give it some more time. According to her, it is frightening how COVID-19 is spreading. She reportedly said that people of their age are more vulnerable to the virus so she would not like to take any risk. She added that she has been getting offers and she has also liked a few of them but she has said no to all.


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