Apple has patented a device for tracking sleep


Apple запатентовала устройство для отслеживания сна

Apple recently patented a device that monitors the sleep patterns of a person.

The company filed a patent application on may 22, and six months later it was published on the website of the patent and trademark office, according to

Most of the sensors for sleep tracking must be on a person. But the developers of the company decided to go the other way, developing a special film which is spread on the bed and monitors point of contact between the person and the bed.

Engineers have created two versions of the film. The first thin film, which crosses the bed in the place where the man’s chest. The second option includes a larger number of sensors that cover the entire area of the bed.

This film could more accurately track the position of the body. According to the application, the film may be corrugated. It is necessary to create more sensitive areas of touch.


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